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Zsofia at Appointy, the adventure continues…

It is not possible, the second week is about to end ?! During my second week, I had already more tasks to do and the team organised also many programs to have more fun and get to know each other better. Let’s start to sum up what has happened then this week…

First of all, this week starting from Monday some new interns joined the Appointy team, and the first floor of the office became pretty crowded. To have a chair in the calm windless sector there is the “first arrival first served” principle in place. Okay, I exaggerate, those who come late, the bean bag chairs are also super alternatives. At the beginning it was a huge challenge to remember all the names, but in 2 days it all got better!

On Monday, we had a super program after work: the interns’ team went to bowling and then to a super nice dinner! It was the idea of our team leader to organise monthly events for the interns’ team. He gives us the opportunity to chose the programme and to organize it, it is great! The bowling was great, we had super fun!

the interns



I really enjoy the work here! The pace is very cool but in the same time we are expected to make a good work. It could not be better: a friendly and motivating environment !!

This week, the blog post is mostly to present our task and projects we are currently working on. I joined the team in the marketing and sales fields, with the main purpose to realize parthership programs with French and potentially Hungarian software resellers. My task is divided in little steps regarding its organizational process. First, with Askay and Amar, we made a list of people who we will contact by mail both in Hungary and France. Then the guys created the content of the mail that I translated and sent to 35 people in the first found. This week, we made two other followups for this same list. The results of opening rates are quite good, higher than the average! The most interesting and also challenging thing this week was the phone calls! I was a little terrified to contact personally software resellers, but after two calls I feel a little bit more confident. Sure, I still need to improve my personal selling skills! 🙂

But to sum up, and make you really believe how relaxed is it time by time I can mention the day, when the team watched together the last season’s final of Game of thrones. Thank to them, I had an introduction to its inside, it was the first episode I saw.. (Funny, isn’t it, to start with season 6?). More over, in three weeks three girls had their anniversary, so the team organised them a little surprise! They got a birthday cake and we sang the Happy Bday song together in hindi! Here there is a funny tradition, that the first piece of the cake makes a little tour and get tasted. I have never ever seen this before!! What I most like about the life at Appointy is the atmosphere and people and the opportunity of learning from many aspects!


InternImport from far far away

Hello there, I am Zsofia, the very first foreign intern from Hungary at Appointy! I arrived in the middle of June and stay with the incredibly friendly team of this online scheduling platform developer company during 6 weeks. I got the opportunity to join the team by the collaboration with Aiesec Bhopal and here I am now after 12 hours of flights, 2 scales and a change of 20 degrees of the temperature!

13524034_10206788244199812_480434241_oThe first week ended incredibly fast and I have already seen and experienced a big variety of things, both from cultural and professional aspect. I just cannot imagine that during this period of time what is still waiting for me to be seen, done!

As a total beginner with the Indian culture, I have the duty about telling my first experience in an entirely new country. I know I might start with the description how is it happening to be the first foreigner intern at Appointy, but don’t worry, it will also come! The interns’ team, with our boss Sarang helps me a lot to integrate the culture. The first day we had lunch together in a local restaurant. I had my first real indian meal there, followed by the best fruit ice cream I have ever tasted!

I cannot really describe for sure what does it feel like having a culture shock, but I think having experienced it shortly after arriving. Seeing with my own eyes the large social disparities, the crazy but still efficient driving on the road, the indian kitchen are the things I could only imagine what feeling it gives to the visitor. I heard about some of the sights of the city of Bhopal, I’ll discover them further very soon, this is on the scheduling of the next week.

Before talking about the working experience within the company, I have to tell about the environment, which is quite particular. The team of about 20 professionals and 10 interns are located in a beautiful and highly well designed office. On the first floor, there is a table tennis room and another room with a PlayStation console to give some entertainment possibilities for the team during breaks.
In the Lifecycle of the Appointy, the team might have arrived to a milestone with a potential for growth. They already have the plan to allocate the team to a bigger office, meaning also the recruitment of additional workers, interns. What concerns me out of this entire process during my short internship is the idea of the company, to establish a broader redistribution channel for Appointy. So my first task consists on finding resellers for the platform, and then we move to the following steps.

It seems to be exciting the next weeks in terms of learning and contributing! Let’s see what is coming on in the following days.



The daily warm up- Appointy through my eyes!

So, these are one of those rare moments in life when you can take pride for taking some “good life decisions”. (My ‘implicit’ reference was to the day I decided to go in for Appointy) It’s a bit too early to be entitled to give evaluations and conclusions but for all I can say is, this doesn’t even need any. It’s more like a process that inflicts progress and enhancement.

So here are some things to repose the snoopers out there 😛


The “office”-

Have you heard people saying their workplace is their second home? Well Appointy actually is! It’s an office in a VILLA. The interiors would leave you awestruck (don’t mistake yourself for being in some club or a cafe). Oh yes, they also have bean bags, TT table and PS-4 in case you don’t feel homely enough.


The onboarding session-

Well, it was quite a leap from engineering to marketing! By the end of the session, I guess we were both enlightened and overwhelmed (No offence, Sarang sir :P).

And yes, we did get our homework!


The first day-

As much as I’d hate butchering the stereotypical conjectures here, I’ll have to say it was quite fun. Despite having a fair share of knowledge about marketing, I’m sure almost each one of us had the same question pinging in our heads- “what are we actually supposed to do?” The day started off with Nemesh sir (CEO, Appointy) briefing us, soon we were allotted different projects to work on by Sarang sir. I’d also acknowledge the efforts made by the ‘senior’ interns to have us acquainted with the do’s and must do’s here.




And the week then after-


Today it was my 10th day working here, and I hardly feel it’s been only that long. I like it so much here that I’m one of the last ones to leave! The best thing I like about the job is that we actually get to implement what we learn which not only gives you a sense of anonymity but also an insight of responsibility. There couldn’t have been a better place for us to be initiated professionally. The tasks, challenges, deadlines keep up the fervour amongst us.






They say we MANITians aren’t used to sitting in a place for that long. Well with such internet speed and continual supply of oats and Maggi, we can always try!

Here at Appointy, there are times when you don’t know what might happen like the Friday’s pizza treat by Sarang sir. And then there are times when you definitely know what’s gonna happen like him periodically pulling your leg (followed by the defensive- “bura to nahi lagta na, I do it to everyone”)

IMG_4455 (1)


This week was special also because we were joined by our first foreign intern, Zsofia. Such are the times when your boss takes over the mission-“make India proud”.

Not a day passed by when we didn’t get to learn something new and the fact that there’s so much more to come keeps you motivated.

So far so GREAT!

-Smriti Tomar


A slice of my life at Appointy. Bang! Boom! Crunch! Vroooom!

So, it all started with an interview call while I was making my minor project with my friends. We were bearing with a hot summer, the hottest in the last 50 years. The approaching deadline and the fun of making something together brought the necessary motivation and extreme dedication. I was completely absorbed in work when my phone rang, and I was informed that I was shortlisted for the interview. Unlike the feeling of elation that usually follows on such announcement, my first reaction was, “Troublesome”. Although inappropriate, I think it was justified given the heat, the deadline, and my zen state of mind. But having made the right kind of mistakes I knew that it would be a huge one, to spoil this opportunity.

The interview was a learning experience. One thing that you’ll notice in your interview (or might have already had) that you’ll be hearing more and speaking less,  which might leave you wondering if you’re doing any better in your life than Jon Snow. I applied for the position of non-tech intern, where non-tech as it turned out was an umbrella term for marketing, sales, designing, content marketing, and at times (like this one) content writing. This job description, much like life is quite subjective, but here’s my advice if you’re looking for an internship at Appointy:

Assume nothing. Expect everything.

The first day was an induction into the inside world, how it operates, and measures itself.  Congratulations on making it to this point, in this blog of course. You’ve displayed a remarkable diligence in your character and I give you my respect for that. Now, I think I can start assuming a few things about you, chances are that you’re:

  1. An interested candidate looking for internship
  2. A selected candidate curious to know more about Appointy
  3. A not so interested person who is not sure of anything at this point of life, and you’re reading this article, but not quite sure why. (I feel you bro)

In case you do make it on time the first day, probably you’ll be the only one caught in that awkward moment. And then, you’ll be taken in by these guys.

If you are one of those who believe that they have never really exhausted their talent, believe me there is a lot of work for you here. For the first few days, my work involved reading, understanding, reading more, and more. But SaaS metrics, were not the only new things in my life after Appointy. I tried my hand (for the first time) at Smackdown, and developed quite a liking for table tennis after my fair share of reluctance.
One unfortunate day I shaved, and unbelievably shaving was not the worst part of that day. While I was working peacefully on landing pages, there was a commotion about some cars stuck in the mud. Later that evening, I found that I had mine among them. Out of the four stuck cars, two were taken out by the time I got there, one was a lost cause, and mine was the only one yet to be attempted. The first few attempts drove the car close towards another lost cause. But then we gathered up some resources to make the ground more stable, rolled our sleeves up, and we were set for one final attempt with all our bets on it. You might be an intern at Google, Amazon or Facebook, and yes that’s a great! But, it might not give such memorable moments when the CEO of your company is pushing out your car alongside you.
IMG-20160627-WA0004Nemesh Singh is a strong man, period, and also a dangerous one while playing TT.




That’s probably all for my first week at Appointy.

Next week on Interns of Appointy:

Hey everyone! Meet Zsofia, she’s a Hungarian citizen, right now studying in France. Next week, all the interns go out on a lunch with Zsofia on her joining day. Sarang drives us to Manohar, and give us a real life feel of Fast and Furious. We have a detailed discussion of the (mad) driving skills required to survive in India, and much more. Akshay and I discover a full pantry, being the dedicated ones to be working on a Sunday. We celebrate two birthdays as one big celebration. We have some new interns coming. Things are going to get cool (freezing cool), due to a guerrilla warfare among the interns for the A.C. remote where the actual perpetrator remains (apparently) unknown. And the screening Game of Thrones Season 6 finale in the office!



Screening GoT Season 6 Finale




Appointy: Where I am becoming better than what I was yesterday!

My exams had just ended and I already knew how I’d be spending my semester break. Well, not just my semester break, but also my complete semester or more maybe. I was too excited to think about anything else and that one thing camouflaged every other thing. Everything was forethought. June 22nd was the date when I’ll be officially starting as an intern at Appointy. Continue reading “Appointy: Where I am becoming better than what I was yesterday!”

A taste of the ‘start-up life’

Day 13: It’s another day at the internship. Another day of work a 6 month long internship. I come to to work, time in, complete my 80 hour month goal, and get the stipend.

I had some ideas when I thought about how a day at work would be before I joined. I had a good idea in terms of effort and time this work would ask of me, but the realization of what the work had to offer to me would come later. In bits and pieces. I haven’t completed even half the jigsaw puzzle to that question yet, but I can tell that it’s a big and beautiful picture at the end which is worth the wait.

After two weeks here, I have to say that working here is is rarely exhausting or overwhelming. In fact, I’m quite impressed by how big a machinery like this works so effortlessly on the inside. Everyone is friendly and really motivated to make the work culture fun and stress free. Some of the more obvious confirmations to the coolness factor here are the PS4 on a 4K Android TV, a ping-pong table, darts, and an open pantry which serves quick food. Adding to the charm are open, minimal work spaces with fancy wall art and grass floors. Also, occasional outings and pizza parties.

But the place has to offer a lot more than all the flash and bang. Nemesh sir told us the core value they want us to have from working with Appointy- to create something of our own one day, and make it big. And I think, for that, this is the best environment one can possibly get. The CEO, CTO and COO themselves giving time personally to mentor you, sharing their experiences and just working along everybody in a culture where ideas are exchanged freely.

It does not matter where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing in the next 10 years. I may as well be working somewhere that has nothing to do with startups at all. But that doesn’t mean this would have been a tangent in the larger scheme of things. For me, a learning enthusiast, it’s a unique learning curve and an indispensable experience I will remember fondly in the years to come. The bigger and more abstract takeaways from this place will be with me.

Campus Package too low? Here’s how to earn 12 times more!

“So what’s your dream package?”

That’s what Nemesh (CEO, Appointy) asked two of his interns one evening. And it was surprising that despite being tech geniuses, both of them mumbled something between 6-7 LPA. And that’s when the talks of scaling your income from 6 lac per annum to 6 lac per month began.

The Vision:

We, as college students, work day and night, taking care of our pointers, learning GD etiquette and cramming the answers to most commonly asked questions in interviews. And all of this for what? Getting a job where we sit in a 4×4 cubicle, 12 hours a day and write insignificant quotes miserably for a company we hate?

Not our idea of an ideal life, is it?

So, here’s the secret of standing out from the rest and having a life of our dreams. Invest your own time and energy in building something of your own. You’ll have to write the same codes, but combine it with a little bit of innovation and it turns into a product which makes life easier for a million other people.

Think about Amazon, Foodpanda, Zomato and LinkedIn. If the founders had settled for a 6LPA job, how different their lives would’ve been.

Here’s a picture from my notebook where Nemesh (CEO, Appointy) explains the simple math behind a company which makes 6 lac per month.


Simple, isn’t it?

Real life example from Appointy Interns:

Two of our interns, Shan and Lav recently developed a new technology for Appointy which simplifies the review taking process for businesses from their customers. This simple technology has the potential of turning into a B2B SaaS product which would easily attract 100 customers in 2 years and according to the math above, will have a monthly revenue of INR 6 lacs.

Why reviews are important?

Reviews help you win prospective customer’s trust even before they reach out to you. Happy customers can be your most reliable advocates and you can harness their positive power by taking reviews.

How did they do it?

The initial step was understanding and learning from other companies that have set a benchmark in helping their customers get more review. Shan and Lav analysed the tactics used by them and started framing a structure of their own.

After that, they went through the outline laid by SCHEMA. The term “schema” refers to the organization of data as a blueprint of how the database is constructed. These instructions helped them develop the technology step by step.
Here are a few screenshots of their work

image (1)

In a Nutshell:

Think. Would you rather hustle 24×7 or be a slave 9 to 5?

Don’t settle for an easy life. Think big. Work hard for the next few years so that later you can have a life that most people don’t. Invest time in the right places and have the guts to be your own boss.

This project by Appointy interns is going viral! Here’s why.

You really need a new haircut! Even if you don’t, imagine that you do. 😀 

So, in case you don’t have a regular salon to go to, what will you do?
You’ll google the good places in town. Bingo!

But as you are soon to find out there’s absolutely a jungle out there of salons. You’re just about to give up your search and suddenly THIS pops up in your Facebook news feed.


And in no time your decision is made. You head over to WXYZ Salon to get a fabulous haircut.

So what propelled your decision in this case? An indirect word of advice from someone you know (of). Imagine the wonders these kind of good words can do for a business.

That is what the potential of reviews in Marketing is! Point made?

We at Appointy believe in exploiting every growth hack to help businesses grow exponentially. Nemesh (CEO, Appointy) realised the amazing potential that customer reviews have in order for a business to grow and hence, envisioned to increase the reviews that our customers get from 200 to 2000.


Remember Shan and Lav, who helped make the Appointy website hack resistant a few months back. Well these two were given the responsibility for the same.

So our two super interns set to work.

The initial step was understanding and learning from other companies that have set a benchmark in helping their customers get more review. Shan and Lav analysed the tactics used by them and started framing a structure of their own.

After that, they went through the outline laid by SCHEMA. The term “schema” refers to the organization of data as a blueprint of how the database is constructed. These instructions helped them develop the technology step by step.


Shan and Lav understood the entire mechanism in which reviews were taken from the customers and started pointing out the problems with the same. They basically simplified the process.
For ex: For a customer to write a review, they had to click on a link in the mail which took them to another page. Shan and Lav created a technology which enabled customers to enter their reviews in the mail itself, eliminating the need to open a different page.
It looked something like this:

Believe it or not, but it actually increased the probability of customers writing a review.

Another beautiful change that they made was introducing a review card. These cute little cards would let customers write their review and instantly share it on social media. Have a look! I dare you to not write a review when these beauties are displayed. *_*

image (1).png

The Last Word

Shan and Lav came up with a lot of simple changes like these and built a way more efficient system for Appointy than before.

All of us are waiting for the launch of this new feature with our fingers crossed. Wish us luck!
To suggest more changes, do comment. We’ll be happy to hear fresh thoughts from you. ^_^

Also if you’re impressed by what Shan and Lav did, just like we are, share their story.

-Anviti Chaurasiya

The one who got rejected.

“When you have done your best and things did not turn out the way you hoped, pat yourself on the back, rest, regroup and begin again. You have not failed as long as you keep trying.”

That’s what SHAN did. When Code Studio 1.0 was conducted Shan could not make it through the interviews. The list of final selected interns had been announced and his name wasn’t there. Instead of feeling low-spirited and blue, Shan looked at things the other way down. Interview was the plan ‘A’ to get into Appointy. But he still got B, C, D…… Z left. He decided that he would once again try and thereby approached Nemesh (CEO, Appointy). He convinced them that he has it in him what it takes to be a part of Appointy team; he needed only a chance. And as Nemesh says you get something only when you ask, Shan got his turn. Shan was allotted a task which he was to complete in a specified time. Shan being a top-notch computer wizard that he is, not just finished the task in time but did it in a real splendid way. Undoubtedly, he got selected.

Had he not got selected, Appointy would have missed out a genius. Shan did some really great work at Appointy, the highlight being the day when he and Lav ran attacks on Appointy’s website and identified the bugs in it. Infact, he is does his work so well that Appointy never wishes to let him go. This is how things turned out for Shan- from being ‘not selected’ to becoming an ‘inestimable intern’. That is exactly what is quoted as- “Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again.”

Thinking of it on Appointy’s side, it takes immense maturity to re-think about your decision and accept that you were the one who screwed up. The team gracefully accepted that it was a mistake on their part not to recognize the talent in Shan. But for what it’s worth, it’s never too late. If not in the interviews, Shan got in later. Since then the team at Appointy has decided- If you fail to clear the interviews and you still believe you could add value to the company, just come up, tell them how and if they find you passionate and worthy of it- WELCOME ABOARD!

So, for those of you who didn’t make it to Appointy through Code Studio, do not lose hope. The door is always open. Just revise your plans and work hard. We at Appointy are always ready to welcome you.





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