“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

Work is either fun or drudgery. At Appointy they like to keep it fun. When I say fun I mean ultimate fun. And each one of us who have interned at Appointy would agree to this. There were numerous moments that gave us convivial feelings. I would try writing down some of them, but even if I try my best I won’t be able to write it all-

At Appointy, what we enjoyed the most was cooking together in the pantry. We had a pantry downstairs, from which we were allowed to take food as much as we want, anytime we want. When we joined initially, we all were quite embarrassed about taking food but then we had Hariom to our rescue. He went in first and after that there has been no stop to a single one of us. We finished a month long grocery in just 15 days. I guess they had to double their order then onwards! Pratik used to make some finger-licking oats- he would mix whatever came in front of him like lays, peanuts, pickle and everything that was there. The rest of us who weren’t that good at cooking, preferred Abhishek to cook for us. Abhishek used to work at Appointy and we definitely gave the guy a tough time. I remember him getting irritated with us at times, as soon as he would show up we would all be like Abhishek make some oats for us, please bring us chips or biscuit etc. Often we felt embarrassed about the fact that we finish the entire food so soon. But thinking of it now, all of it seems fun.

To add to our merriment, they had a PS4 and a Table Tennis table. Everytime I tell about this to people, they ask me “How do you even work there when you have so much to do?” The atmosphere at Appointy is really lively and light hearted.

Worked for too long! Let’s play TT.


Challenges on who would beat whom at PS4 wrestling games. This was just a part of our work routine at Appointy.


We had all decided to get our Appointy t-shirts printed, which was all cool until Sarang (COO, Appointy) stepped up and suggested slogans to be written on our tees. He just messed up with our names, or linked something funny we did before. We had long arguments over that as we didn’t want it to happen. But he never backed down and neither did we. The decision still waits.

Apart from this, we all found really good friends in each other. This is the reason why the fun just doubled. We had made oodles of plans while sitting at Appointy. Once we had a bike trip to Bhojpur (a nearby picnic spot) just to enjoy the splendid weather; it had rained the previous night. Some other day, we had all just arrived but weren’t in a mood to work, and the next moment we were all sitting in theatre watching ‘Gods of Egypt’ followed by a nice dinner. Since, we had two malls nearby the movie plans became really frequent. Then there was this treat by Shan and Lav- These two had done some really amazing work of finding the bugs in Appointy’s website for which they were rewarded with prize money. This called for a party time. We went for an amazing dinner at a lounge then.

Our story at Appointy not just includes work, it has a bag full of stories where we ate, played and had fun. Appointy broke the conventional and conformist notion about working. It instead created an entirely new image of work life for all of us. At Appointy, we learned how it depends on us how much we enjoy our work, how office could be all about fun and how you make your office time light- hearted and clubbable. It’s all on you how you, on how creatively you could mould your work life that it makes you the happy soul that you are.

Speaking on behalf of all the interns, internship at Appointy was a very cheerful experience, in a hail-fellow-well-met sort of way.