How it all begun:

Believe me, it’s not every day that Prabin calls me up asking to meet him urgently. Who knew that one request would change the life of 12 students forever.

I found out that one of the alumni from our college was going to fix us a meeting with an entrepreneur who wishes to work with the MANIT talent pool. We, as the Entrepreneurship Development Cell, were really excited at the prospect of sponsorship from a real-time established entrepreneur and hence the meeting was set that evening.

The Meeting:

After multiple calls to ask for directions, we finally reached the office. On the way, we found out that they were called Appointy. We entered and saw Nemesh (CEO, Appointy) and Sarang (COO, Appointy) sitting on bean bags in their lounge. (How cool is THAT now!)

So they took us in and we introduced ourselves. All of us chose our bean bags and settled down. I chose the one with Zebra print. It’s still my favourite one in the office.

We started talking and we learnt the basics of Appointy. It was commendable how Appointy had been built from scratch in seven years.

In the 2 hour discussion that we had, it turned out that Appointy was willing to kick-start a start-up ecosystem in Bhopal and their prime target was MANIT. So, basically they needed volunteers from our college who could act as a bridge between the two entities. And we were more than happy to help.

So, that’s how Code Studio 1.0 was born.


Code Studio 1.0:

Appointy’s major objective was to give college students a chance to work in a start-up culture and hence act as a propeller by helping them in starting something of their own. So, ED Cell along with them, planned an event called Code Studio 1.0. It would offer coders in second and third year of college a six-month virtual internship with Appointy. And the stipend would be INR 10000 plus variable bonuses.

The process comprised of filling a google form stating the projects done in college and the technology known by the participants. After that, they were required to give a one-hour online test hosted by Hacker rank.


Based on the google form and the performance in the test, students would be shortlisted and called upon for Personal Interviews.

The Afterparty

Just a day after the form was launched, we saw a whopping 150 responses to the google form. Students from all over the college were calling to ask questions about the internship. One of the major catch for the students was the after party. The results after the P.I. were to be announced at the Afterparty in Liquid Pub and Lounge.

The much-awaited party started at around 8:30 and is termed as the one of the most happening party of all time by the students. Free DJ, free food, free drinks, there was literally nothing more anyone could ask for. At the end of the party, the names of the finalists were announced amidst all the fun and frolic.

The Post-party Selections:

This wasn’t pre-planned. The Appointy team was so impressed with the students who turned up for the interview that it was a really hard decision for them to choose from them. So they allotted certain tasks to the prospective candidates during the deadline. A few of these candidates completed their task efficiently and hence were selected for the internship even after Code Studio was over.


Working with Appointy has been a fun and learning experience. The interns at Appointy will definitely have an edge over their contemporaries because they’ve seen things in action. They’ve learnt how to implement their knowledge. Regular parties, off-sites, and a cool work culture make internships at Appointy much more attractive.

If you too want to have a blast and learn from real-time entrepreneurs at Appointy, stay tuned; Code Studio 2.0 is coming soon.