1. What is Appointy?

Appointy is a million dollar startup running their own online scheduling software with over 80,000 customers across the globe.


  1. Why haven’t we heard of it before?

Well you have! Appointy recruited 12 interns from MANIT in the month of October last year.

If you still haven’t, it’s because Appointy primarily focuses on the US market and as students we don’t usually come across scheduling issues and hence the need to use Appointy.


  1. Why Code Studio 2.0?

After the tremendous success of Code Studio 1.0, Appointy still believes that the best of the talent is right here at their doorstep in Bhopal. Hence, it is another venture at discovering and nurturing this talent.


  1. What is the duration of the internship?

It is a six-month virtual internship right here in Bhopal and very flexible with our college routine.


  1. How much money is on the cards?

The stipend will be calculated at the end of every month according to the hours you work, with each hours paying INR 125. Also, variable bonus might be your happy surprise.


  1. What are the work profiles?

Appointy is hiring for tech and non-tech and design interns.