(Why Appointy is hiring interns from Bhopal?)

Let me tell you the story of how a startup managed to be valued at $500 million in 6 years with the help of freshers.

Freshdesk is an online customer support and helpdesk founded by Girish Mathrubootham in 2010. He started off with a team of five and kept recruiting freshers every year. This breakthrough strategy has led him to where he is today.

India is booming with startups like these today and the role of college students and freshers has become more important than ever. Appointy acknowledges the potential college students like us have to offer. While the talent pool in Bhopal has remained unexploited so far, Appointy aims at developing a startup ecosystem here.

Nemesh (CEO, Appointy) explains it in a very simple manner saying, “When we hire a professional with a sales experience of years at stretch, it becomes difficult to get work done at a rapid pace as he will follow the conventional systematic approach. While when we work with freshers, things are bound to get done at a much faster rate because they follow one simple rule: Learn and Perform.”

But why people from Bhopal? It’s simple. When Appointy was searching through the IT hubs of the nation for hidden talent, they realised that 2 of 5 people were from Central India. And hence, the idea struck them.

Why go all the way to Bangalore when you can get raw talent right in your neighbourhood!

So, Appointy decided to explore the avenues of the nearest talent pool in Bhopal. They got in touch with students from MANIT and hired 12 interns to work for them for a period of six months.

The process of developing a startup ecosystem has already begun with us: the first batch of Appointy interns. We were nurtured and trained together as a team so that when the right idea knocks, we wouldn’t have to try harder to find the perfect team.

Appointy has definitely been an ocean of opportunities for us. The possibilities to work seem infinite. The six month-period have altered our vision about working completely. We seem to be a step closer towards finding our passion.

The internship is undoubtedly result-oriented. See for yourself. Six months down the lane and I’m already a confident blogger.